Pantham comes from a family of rice growers in the fertile plains of central Thailand and that has shaped his professional philosophy.

“For me the philosophy of film or TV production is just like what my family has for growing rice. I think there are four key factors for creating something people would want to consume:

  1. We have to know the many different tastes different groups of people have.
  2. We have to select quality seeds and material that respond to their tastes.
  3. We have to ensure the best conditions for all the key elements in order to yield the desired result and treat them with constant care.
  4. Love – We must create with love.

These four philosophies have guided me for the past 20 years and I’ve worked hard to make Aukao Aunam Films to reflect my values.

  1. We start from really trying to find out what the target audience wants. Watch my films and tv shows and you can see that they tell all kinds of stories with all kinds of styles. My art house films win international awards and my mainstream ones are so well produced they sell not only in Thailand but also in many other markets. For Thai television production we don’t produce for any one channel. We are experienced with working with several different broadcasters and able to create shows that respond to their different types of viewers.
  2. We have our own in-house writers and lots of connections with independent authors. This allows us to closely refine our material all the way from start to finish, which gives us the confidence we are on target. At the same time our good connections and relations with many more writers means there is no limit to what we could create.
  3. Because we have decades of experience we have a large roster of the best in the business. As is the norm, almost every production team has to be put together specifically for each production from a pool of freelancers. Because I’ve worked on so many different types of films and TV shows I know who would work well for any given production. This gives us a good start and we know how to create a work environment that fits the different teams through all stages of creation.
  4. We simply love telling stories – on film and TV. There are all kinds of problems we have to deal with every day so it is hard work. That’s why Aukao Aunam Films starts with finding people who are dedicated to doing this and love it as much as we do. No matter how challenging it is we try our best. My work speaks for itself. It’s been more than 20 years and I cannot wait for the next 20.”

Pantham Thongsang

June 2017